Exnihilo Raises 30% with Indiegogo
Written by Blair Anderson   
Thursday, 16 January 2014 14:43

After much anticipation, obsessive watching of the clock as donors generously gave, being hopelessly attached to our devices (iPad, iPhone, laptop) and getting very little sleep...

we raised over $15,000!

Even though our goal with the Indiegogo campaign was to raise enough to account for the first artist bungalow, I am breathless at the generosity that got us to the 30% mark. It is very humbling to be cared for in such a way as people demonstrate via their piggy banks, their interest in our project as well as their faith in Bryan and I.

Very humbling indeed.

Needless to say we are SO grateful. The next few days and weeks will be filled with the creation of wonderful goodies (perks) like the Junk-a-New Jewelry, Island Treasures, Silver Earrings, and a boatload of thank-you cards. These will then be shipped out to all you lovely people who helped.

So we celebrate this milestone of a fairly respectable foundation for our first building. Thanks so much everybody! We will keep you posted as we continue to move forward.



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