Exnihilo Art Center is a non profit organization focusing on the arts, environment, and cultural exchange. Exnihilo manages multiple projects and initiatives to support its' mission in the U.S. and The Bahamas. Founded and managed by working artists, Exnihilo provides opportunities for established and emerging artists in the U.S and The Bahamas through various projects including...

  • a residency program in the Washington DC Metro area for metalsmiths
  • international artist residency experiences in Nassau, The Bahamas
  • international residency experiences in Long Island, The Bahamas (IN DEVELOPMENT)
  • Exnihilo Art Award: a scholarship fund for deserving Bahamian art students
  • environmental stewardship through creative reclamation on Bahamian islands.

Founded on the belief that an artists' best work often develops in the context of a "perfect storm" of circumstances, Exnihilo strives to cultivate creative exploration by providing inspiring settings in unique locations with world class tools, generous resources, and stimulating community. By connecting artists from The Bahamas, the United States, and other parts of the world, Exnihilo opens doors of communication, stimulates cultural understanding, creates economic opportunity and brings awareness to social issues…all while making the world a more beautiful place.

Inspiration awaits you!


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