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Designed to be a haven for personal creative endeavor, the Long Island residency project will be a retreat for artists. A residency program designed to mix artists of various artistic disciplines, the facilities are being built on the picturesque island of Long Island in The Bahamas. Once accepted, artists can rest, reflect, and work in their chosen mediums for an extended period of time while being immersed in the culture that is unique to the "out islands" of The Bahamas.

Who the Long Island residency is forů

The Professional Artist comes to Exnihilo to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate while still having access to studio space and supplies if inspired to work.

The Emerging Artist comes to Exnihilo to work independently or to interact with a workshop instructor while having access to studio space and supplies to pursue new works.

The Art Student enrolled in a degree program comes to Exnihilo to study under a professor or curriculum designated by their school in a Study Abroad Program.

And anyone in pursuit of their creativity. Come find your muse at our retreat by the sea.


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