finally, the bungalow design
Sunday, 09 November 2008 20:06

Finally we can celebrate the finished design of our artist bungalows. These will be the inspirational spaces for artists to stay in, and will be the first building built on the site, hopefully if all goes well, by next May. With weather considerations... maybe December. Tropical storm season (and hurricane) is between June and November! Although we have been told by many locals that are in their later years, that they have never experienced a hurricane. Still, we hope to avoid raising our first building in a storm.;-) Here is a mock-up of a single on the site, granted it is facing the wrong way. The windows will (of course) be facing the beautiful beach.

Here is a cross section (without the "lid") of the second floor of a bungalow. Each bungalow will contain two units that sleep a single, couple, or a family of four (in the upstairs unit that contains a very cool loft for kids). Although the goal is not to create a family environment because this is an artist community designed for high levels of production, we realize that the occasion will arise. And when completely filled with a study abroad program group, the lofts will come in handy too. (loft not shown here)

Maximum capacity with three bungalows will be: 18. We expect average occupancy to be a much more intimate: 6-10.The difference will be a study abroad student group, verses a season of professional artists on their own.

Each bungalow features two giant picture windows looking out over the atlantic ocean, and a set of french doors with a view of the Caribbean.


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