on to the design of the big building
Gathering House Preliminary

Designs for the Artists Bungalows are DONE. Now it is time to tackle the big Gathering House.

After months of going back and forth with the engineering department of our builder we finally have designs that meet the 150 mile an hour wind bearing (to keep safe from those potential hurricanes). Wanting desperately to keep big windows in our artist bungalows for a fabulous view of both coasts (you can see both sides of the island from our land) we tweaked as many details as possible to get what we wanted without sacrificing safety.

The easy route would have been just to make all the windows smaller and be done, but what would the point be in having a sea-side bungalow without a really great view of the sea? So we persisted and the final drawings have been done. Now we just wait for the quote for what will be the first of three bungalows. They will all be identical and so we are on to the next design...the big building.

The Gathering House.

This will be the hub of activity for Exnihilo. Two stories, 2500 square feet each, will contain the community dining area, conference/workshop/studio space, and the Exnihilo Gallery smack in the center of the whole deal.

 Learning of our design limitations from the bungalow design, we know that we can not have a wall of enormous windows across the front of the building as originally intended. Safety factors prevent this. So we are going to have to modify our original design and lose some windows without losing the view. This will be even more challenging due to the size, and multipurpose nature of this building. 


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